Eco Farmers Products are Halal Certified


Semi-Dried Tomatoes 2kg
Sun Dried Tomatoes 2kg
Pepper Belles Stuffed with Feta 2kg
Pepper Belles Stuffed with Basil 2kg

Char Grilled Vegetables

Char Grilled Artichoke Hearts 2kg
Char Grilled Capsicum Red 2kg
Char Grilled Capsicum Yellow 2kg
Char Grilled Eggplant 2kg
Char Grilled Zucchini 2kg

Olives in Brine

Kalamata Olives – Pitted 2kg
Kalamata Olives Pitted 5kg
Green Olives Stuffed with Chilli 2kg
Queen Green Olives in Brine Whole 2kg


Basil Pesto 2kg


Marinated Fetta Cube 2kg


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