Truffle Oil and Whole

White Truffle Aroma with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Bottle
White Truffle Aroma with Sunflower Oil 250ml Bottle
Whole Black Summer Truffle Approx 35g Jar

Antipasti Vegetables

Artichoke Quartered 2400ml Tin
Sundried Tomatoes 1kg Tin


Green Pitted Olives 4250ml Tin
Black Pitted Olives 4250ml Tin


Small Cucumbers (Gherkins) 1700ml Jar
Caperberries with Stem in Vinegar 1700ml Jar
Capers Fine in Vinegar 720ml Jar

Creams and Sauces

Black Truffles Sauce 500ml Jar


Whole Peeled Tomatoes 6 x 2600ml Tin
Chopped Peeled Tomatoes 6 x 2600ml Tin
Pronto Sauce (Halal) 6 x 3000ml Tin


Balsamic Vinegar 5L Tub

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