Woods Premium Condiments are Halal Certified


Tomato Relish 4 x 2.2kg
Chilli Jam 4 x 2.2kg
Onion Marmalade 2 x 2.2kg
Red Capsicum Relish 2 x 2.2kg


Cranberry Sauce 2 x 2.2kg


Hot Apple Chutney 2 x 2.2kg
Apricot and Mango Chutney 4 x 2.2kg
Green Mango Chutney 2 x 2.2kg
Bush Tomato Chutney 2 x 2.2kg
Mango Chilli Chutney 2 x 2.2kg
Tomato Kasoundi 2 x 2kg
Country Style Tomato Chutney 2 x 2.2kg


Green Tomato Pickle 2 x 2.2kg

Dressings and Mayonnaise

Caesar Salad Dressing 4 x 2.2kg
Horseradish Cream 2 x 2.2kg
Honey Mustard Maytonnaise 2 x 2.2kg


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Meals Made using Woods Premium Condiments:

woods premium condiments