Company Profile

Zircon-Swis Fine Foods Pte Ltd. was founded by Stephanie Yeo and Roland Meili who has worked more than 14 years in the food service industry. The company was formally registered in Singapore in October 2004 and commenced full trading in May 2005.

Zircon-Swis’s objective is simply to provide the best possible food and ingredients to the catering industry, initially in Singapore, and to expand as a result of building a reputation of providing quality and reliability.

The company is very much focused on its strengths. The staff are recruited from within the industry and they all contribute their vast experience in their respective fields, whether it is in sourcing specific products, sales, logistics, warehousing, and critically, a first-rate knowledge of import and export documentation and procedures.

“You have to be honest with people. It’s as important to tell them what you can’t do as it is to tell them what you will do to keep the relationship strong. We don’t often let people down but if a problem arises, we will inform our customers quickly, and work with them to source for alternatives.”

The Founders


Stephanie Yeo has a profound knowledge of the food service industry having worked in this industry more than 15 years. The wealth of experience she has gathered allows her to identify and meet the specific requirements of her clients. Honesty and her team’s hard work are the foundations of a lasting relationship with customers and suppliers alike – whether attending to large-scale orders from airline caterers, the detailed needs of top hotels’ chefs, ships’ chandlers, restaurants, café chains, gourmet shops and export.

Stephanie gained her industry knowledge through working for respected employers, such as Olivier (Singapore) – a member of the LVMH Group, Classic Fine Foods and The Cellar Door. She also spent two years as a training supervisor with the Cunard Lines’ Queen Elizabeth cruise liner and two year in Park Hilton Hotel in Munich (Germany).

As a result of Stephanie’s principles of business, Zircon-Swis enjoys a very good rapport with their customers and suppliers both locally and around the world.


Roland Meili began his F&B adventure by starting out as a Baker and Pastry Chef back in his native Switzerland. He then joined Swiss International Airlines and has been involved in the airline’s in-flight catering for going on 20 years.

He serves as a consultant to Zircon-Swis and lends his vast experience to the business garnered from traveling the world and sampling many different F&B cultures.